Why You Need Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working?

If you suspect your air conditioner is not working, this is the first question you should ask. If you have figured out something is wrong with your air conditioning system, you need to contact an expert to help you solve the problem.


Things can get very inconvenient if your cooling system breaks down in the summer. However, there are things you can do to ensure that the summer does not become an inconvenience to you.


If your AC is not working properly, this could be due to several reasons. Maybe your compressor has failed, or the thermostat is not working properly. It is also possible that you are running low on refrigerant or your evaporator is dirty. All these things, together or individually, can cause problems for your cooling system.


Depending on what is causing your AC to malfunction, a bit of maintenance or even cleaning may solve the problem. In cases where repair or maintenance does not work, you might consider outright replacement of the air conditioner.


Your evaporator coil may be frozen, and if this is the case, there could be many causes for this. Maybe your AC has been working day and night non-stop for a while. In this case, it might break down because you have subjected it to too much work. All you have to do is give it a bit of rest, and it will start working properly again.


If the solution to the problem is to buy replacement parts, you should not do this without the assistance of an expert. You have to ensure that you get original spare parts, and only an expert can help you identify the right ones. In addition, buying replacement parts has a lot to do with the right sizes and capacity. It follows that you need an expert to recommend exactly what will work for your cooling unit. Below are some other things you should know:


First off, central air conditioning might be the best option for you if you want to cool the whole house. On the hand, if you prefer to cool one room at a time, you might opt for a different cooling system. If your house already has the right ductwork, you should consider a split air conditioning system.


Let’s not forget the importance of evaporative coolers. In very hot areas, you can use evaporated water to keep the air cool and enjoy a comfortable home.


What Makes Air Conditioning Repair Urgent

There is no point in wasting time if you have to carry out a bit of maintenance or repair on your cooling system. This is because if you delay the process, things might get pretty complicated. Apart from calling in an expert to help out with the complicated aspects of the work, you should do what you can to make things better. For instance, you should try to fix the wiring and work on the circuits to ensure everything is working perfectly. In addition, you should check the airflow to the outer unit and ensure that there is no problem in this area.



To ensure that your air conditioning system works properly and lasts a long time, you should carry out regular maintenance on your cooling unit. This way, you extend the lifespan of the air conditioner.


A culture of maintenance is a great idea because it helps you save money and it also ensures that your cooling unit works effectively and efficiently.


The best way to ensure that you carry out regular maintenance is to have a timetable for this. Write out your maintenance plan and carry out maintenance monthly or twice monthly. Take your time to clean the air conditionally and ensure all the important components are in good working order. Note that maintenance is not the same thing as repair. For this reason, you should take note of the following points:


You can easily tell if your fan belt is worn out because you will hear a strange sound coming from your cooling system. If your fan belt is worn out, you will definitely know this. If the sounds coming from the AC are loud and abnormal, it probably means your air conditioner might require plenty of repairs.


In case your refrigerant is leaking, you need to take action fast. If you don’t take care of the problem immediately, things will get quite complicated, and this will cost you more money.


Tools for Air Conditioning Repair

It pays to have the right tools for both AC repair and maintenance. This way, you are always ready to take remedial action. More to the point, you won’t have to go rushing to your neighbor’s every time you have to repair or maintain your AC.


Materials for Air Conditioning Repair

You don’t have to be a licensed technician to buy the right tools. Just get a toolbox then you can go right ahead and fill it with tools. Remember that it does not pay to take things for granted. For this reason, you should have both tools for repair and tools for maintenance. You need fuses, capacitors, compressed air, and a condenser fan motor. Other things you need are an adjustable wrench, a multi-meter, a voltage tester, and an insulated screwdriver. Once you have these tools and more, your job will be a whole lot easier.

Why Select A Geothermal Air Conditioning System For Your Home?

Why Select A Geothermal Air Conditioning System For Your Home?


The summer months are when everyone experiences the intensity of heat waves. Some locations see temperatures increasing up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and more. Even the indoor areas become very hot in these locations. Air conditioning systems in these places are not a luxury but a necessity. They make the indoor areas comfortable to live and work in. It prevents health problems caused by extremely hot weather conditions.


Air conditioners are available in two different models. One category covers traditional air conditioners. There are non-conventional systems that work differently than the traditional ones. The standard air conditioners use electricity to operate and cool the rooms. They take out the heat from the indoor areas and supply the cool air.


An AC’s cooling capacity is measured in BTU. Smaller spaces can be cooled with ACs with a capacity of up to 5000 BTU. Larger areas like a small houses require an AC with a capacity of at least 32000 BTU. It is important to select the right size AC. A smaller AC fails to cool the area properly and can prove insufficient during the summertime. On the other hand, an oversize air conditioning unit is a waste of money because it will not be utilized fully. This type of large AC creates a damp and moist environment in the indoor area. Due to these reasons, it is necessary to choose the right size AC for a room or house.


A geothermal cooling system is considered a non-conventional AC system. It takes advantage of the renewable energy power of the earth to cool the interior areas. This setup is not so common for cooling the rooms, but it is gaining popularity because it is more eco-friendly than other AC systems.


Conventional ACs have a low, upfront cost compared to a geothermal cooling system. However, their operating costs are higher. A geothermal air conditioner consumes 25-50% less energy than traditional ACs. Owners installing the geothermal cooling system get the investment back within five years of its installation. Its only drawback is that its initial cost is high. A homeowner may have to take a loan to install this setup. The good news is that many states offer loans for this cooling system because of its environmental benefits and lower energy consumption after installation. This system helps control pollution due to its higher energy efficiency. It is an eco-friendly option that offers high energy savings.


Geothermal cooling setups do not require any electricity or fuel to operate. They simply use the underground cooling features of the earth, which converts hot air into cool air. This setup prevents any release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


A geothermal cooling system can be installed only by a certified contractor. It is not something that a common AC technician not trained in this field can handle. Your land must be suitable for installing this device.


Consult house cooling experts to know if you should choose a geothermal or conventional cooling system for your home. They will assess your property, cooling requirement, and other factors before suggesting the right solution. Selection of the right technology to cool your room will help you save energy and reduce your energy bills.


Now that you know how to choose the best air conditioning system for your home, you should also know how to buy your AC. Home appliance stores stock a wide variety of conventional ACs. If you know which type and model of air conditioner you need, simply visit the appliance store and buy the system. You will receive advice and guidance in choosing the right AC.


One option is to buy your cooling system directly from the manufacturer. Visit the authorized outlet of an AC manufacturing company to buy an AC. The cost of an AC is cheaper here compared to the malls that sell appliances at higher prices because they have to recover the high rentals they pay for their property.


Another advantage is that a manufacturer’s outlet has AC experts. They will answer all your questions and suggest the best AC for your cooling needs and budget. You will also receive installation support services. You can order the installation service at the same time while buying your AC. Most such outlets offer a price plan that includes both the hardware cost and installation service charge.


Home appliance stores have to find expert AC technicians for installations and repair works. These stores offer AC maintenance and cleaning services as well. For some of these works, the stores take support from the AC manufacturing company. You get all types of support services in one place.


Hire a certified contractor if you want to install a geothermal cooling setup. This system can be installed only by those contractors who have knowledge and expertise in this field. The contractor you select will first assess your home and land area where parts of this system will be installed. Its team will choose pipes and other items needed to install this device. Residential Earth Power organization offers loans to homeowners for installing this cooling setup. The contractor will guide you in applying for this loan.


Use the right air conditioning system at your home to ensure a perfectly comfortable environment for your family. Do not hesitate to spend some extra cash on installing a system that will return back the investment in lower energy bills. Take advantage of loan and rebate benefits offered by the states to the homeowners.  If you are looking for air conditioning, Philadelphia has a number of great AC contractors that can help you out. Look them up on the Internet